Amber’s “Other People” is definitely her best effort yet

To this point I haven’t connected much with Amber‘s solo career, as the music just hasn’t offered much. That said, I definitely understand why fans have appreciated it, as her releases come off genuine and from the heart. With her most recent effort “Other People” I feel like she gets closest to achieving the balance that works.

Sure, it’s not groundbreaking, but not everything has to be. The backing is catchy enough to retain interest while the song itself still retains the usual emotional weight and desired seriousness. Hell, producers of K-pop groups with a lot more resources could take notes on the electronic instrumental build throughout the song compared to what many are currently doing.

Definitely her best effort to date and something that’s very easy to get into. I’d even say it has an outside chance to fuck around and get a year-end mention as this grows on me given how repeatable it’s been so far.


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