[Review] NATURE switch gears with sure-to-polarize “Oopsie”

Since their debut last year, NATURE have gone on to develop a quirky, off-kilter sound that sets them apart from other rookie groups. Fans seem to be taking notice, bringing us to the release of their first mini album. Their last comeback “I’m So Pretty” was an unexpected highlight of the summer, harnessing the power of pure pop to catchy effect. New single “Oopsie” is equally addicting, though it takes a more abrasive route to get there.

I predict that “Oopsie” will be NATURE’s most polarizing single yet. It’s short on melody and high on spirit, preferring a shout-sing approach over more classic delivery. This type of performance seems to be in vogue at the moment, with acts like ITZY and Fromis 9 capitalizing on its appeal this year. Your enjoyment of “Oopsie” will depend on your tolerance for being yelled at. I work with small children, so unfortunately my tolerance is relatively high. Still, I wish the verses found a more melodic delivery method for their energy. The vocals are pitched high and incredibly affected, which steers these segments very close to “grating.”

If the verses of “Oopsie” don’t wear you down, its chorus surely will. The arrangement is much the same here, even as the instrumental amps up to clobber listeners with thumping percussion. There is no chill to be found in this hook, and I kind of admire that. Given a less hyper performance, I think this chorus could be quite spectacular. As it is, it’s a lot fun — if a bit exhausting. With a song like “Oopsie,” you just have to know what you’re getting yourself into and set expectations accordingly. It’s certainly not something I’ll want to listen to all the time, but it’s hard to deny the song’s sheer exuberance.


IATFB says: Credit to the producers of NATURE for being willing to take what they had to know was a risk in their first comeback after a member change, but that’s about where my desire to credit them ends. Insert an “oopsie” or “my bad” pun here as well.

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