BTS & BLACKPINK (and K-pop) miss out on nominations for the 2020 Grammys

2019 was another big year for K-pop in America, and both BTS and BLACKPINK submitted for consideration of the 2020 Grammy Awards. Following the Recording Academy recognizing BTS through an album packaging nod last year as well as having them present at the show, it certainly seemed like a nomination was at least possible, and BLACKPINK had some hope as well partially thanks to YG‘s galaxy brain.

Unfortunately, both BTS and BLACKPINK (and K-pop) did not score any nominations during the reveal today. In a way, this is expected considering how the academy has responded to boy groups and girl groups in the past regardless of popularity, and K-pop is honestly not yet as mainstream in America as the K-pop bubble would have you believe. Still, it does feel like general progress compared to years past that it’s even a consideration that people are hoping for and an outcome they were disappointed with, which would’ve seemed like a laughable notion a decade ago.

Honestly though, it’s just an awards show no matter how venerated it is. They didn’t even nominate Crayon Pop‘s ‘The Streets Go Disco‘, so we know they can’t be trusted.


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