TSE bizarrely leaks Wooyeop’s dating details in response to abuse allegations, his mother responds

Following TRCNG members Wooyeop and Taeseon filing for contract termination from TS Entertainment, as well as levying accusations towards the company that include child abuse, details of this emerged in a Dispatch report.

In response, TSE has decided to leak details of Wooyeop’s love life.

On November 20, a source from TS told Sports World, “Everything that the two members are claiming is a lie. The remaining eight members are currently active in Japan without the two of them. There is a reason for all of that.” They went on to say, “It’s because Wooyeop was dating the agency’s female stylist ‘B’ which made activities difficult. After Wooyeop and ‘B’ were in a relationship, he would always miss choreography practice and go out at night to have fun, so the comeback had to be postponed.” The source stated that the two members’ situation is currently that they have left the group without permission. “The other members are feeling betrayed, and the members’ parents are angry,” said the source.

Wooyeop’s mother issued a response, painting a very different picture.

Wooyeop’s mother responded to TS Entertainment’s claims and said they were unjust. She said, “It’s true that Wooyeop dated ‘B’ for about two weeks. However, it is immensely incorrect to put all of the responsibility for this situation on Wooyeop’s issue with a woman.” According to Wooyeop’s mother, even though he was receiving psychological treatment and care at a hospital, he hated that their comeback might be postponed because of him, and so he even took part in a variety show called “Game Dolympic 2019: Golden Card” in June 2019. His mother said, “The reason for the delayof TRCNG’s comeback was TS’s financial difficulties, as you can see through the previous issues with Sleepy’s power and water being cut off.”

Can’t say I care much about him dating even if it did disrupt the group since there are punishments for that other than abuse, which the mother correctly refocuses the discussion on.

Wooyeop’s mother went on to say, “It’s a clear fact that Wooyeop was assaulted by choreography director Yoon. However, he has never once received an apology about it.” She described how even though Wooyeop had been lying in the hospital in a semi-unconscious state, a TS Entertainment manager came to the hospital and immediately asked the doctor in a doubtful tone if Wooyeop had really ended up in this condition because he had been hit, which caused the doctor to become angry. Although Wooyeop’s side wanted an apology from Yoon, they haven’t received one. His mother shared that they can reveal a medical report from the time of the assault.

She even claims that the parents of the rest of the members had agreed to leave as well.

TS Entertainment previously claimed that the other members of TRCNG are angry because of Wooyeop’s unfaithful actions. His mother responded to this by saying, “The members’ parents have all agreed that they should leave the agency [due to issues such as TS’s management] and we sent a notice [to TS] on October 19. We have a collection of signatures of all the parents showing that we agree they should leave the company.” On November 19, TS Entertainment announced that TRCNG will be continuing as an eight-member group without Wooyeop and Taeseon.

How bad are things for TSE? Even anonymous industry sources are calling them on their BS.

Sports World also spoke to a source in the industry about the dispute over the truth in this situation. They said, “TS is avoiding responding to the child abuse [accusations] and I estimate that they are continually mentioning Wooyeop’s ‘woman issue’ to cover up all of the problems within the company.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before in this type of dispute, but I can’t see the lie.

Even if we believe TSE here, I’m uncertain what that has to do with the abuse allegations or the living conditions or the rest of it. Since I don’t think anybody believes TSE at this point, basically they are just releasing this info with hopes to damage him.

Guessing that might not be a coincidence.


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