Evidence of TRCNG’s abuse revealed through recording of meeting with TSE exec

Following a bizarre attempt to distract from child abuse allegations, TS Entertainment released a handwritten letter purportedly from the parents of the remaining eight members of TRCNG.

We, the parents of the eight members, have stayed in continued communication with the agency, and we have come to the agreement to trust and rely on each other in relation to the members’ activities, and work hard for TRCNG’s successful activities. Also, we plan to take active legal action against untrue information and false claims that have been previously made. It is unfortunate that rumors that are different from the truth are being spoken about.

Ostensibly, this is meant as a rebuttal to Wooyeop’s mother, who had said she had receipts of all the parents wanting their kids to leave the company. So alright, maybe that’s how the other parents actually feel now or maybe this letter is forced or maybe the parents agreed to it cause they felt like they had no other option. Fair to speculate in any direction as far as I’m concerned.

Regardless, the child abuse and the living conditions is the core of this, and SBS Morning Wide revealed recordings that seems to show evidence of this. The audio clip was made last August when the TRCNG members met with their agency about their contract.

“One member spoke up about the lack of food provided as well as having to use a flashlight due to the electricity getting cut off. Whenever we asked our manager why we can’t eat, he said it was because money hasn’t come in. We even practised dancing with a flashlight because we didn’t have electricity.” – TRCNG Member
“We also know that the company’s situation is bad from what we read in the news articles.” – Wooyeop
“I don’t want you talking about news articles. If I believed what the media said, you guys wouldn’t have been able to do your activities with us. I would have looked at you in a negative light.” – Director A

When one member expressed unhappiness with the 19 month hiatus TRCNG had as a result of TSE’s financial situation, the company director told him that he should’ve gone to SM Entertainment instead then.

Aside from the group’s treatment, the recording also captured testimony from a witness to Wooyeop’s abuse.

Wooyeop’s father asked the fellow members about what happened when Wooyeop got beaten and what happened to his neck, to which one member responded, “The choreography team leader pushed to a wall. Wooyeop still didn’t get an apology. He felt like it was unfair, but he was also in excruciating pain…”

It was telling that TSE seemed all about shifting blame elsewhere or attempting to damage the two who filed suit while never having an appetite for defending against the most serious allegations, and it’s starting to become obvious why.


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