Goo Hara reached out to reporter who broke Jung Joon Young molka case in order to provide help

Normally when a tragedy occurs, I try to avoid posting any follow-ups. Not that it’s necessarily immoral to do a few updates (just not fucking 19 in one day), but I just personally haven’t generally enjoyed doing them for obvious reasons.

Following Goo Hara’s passing, however, I did find one item interesting because it was rather uplifting in terms of who she was, as journalist Kang Kyung Yoon shared that Hara helped with the Jung Joon Young molka case.

On November 25, SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung Yoon appeared on SBS’s “Joo Young Jin’s News Briefing” (literal title). Kang Kyung Yoon is the reporter who released the initial reports on KakaoTalk chatrooms between Jung Joon Young and others. Kang Kyung Yoon began, “The day after the unfortunate news about Sulli, I contacted Goo Hara. I told her, ‘Be strong, and don’t make the wrong choice. Let’s work hard and live on until the end,’ but this happened. It’s very unfortunate.”

Aside from her trying to help it was also noteworthy that Hara seemed particularly hurt by the way the legal case against Choi Jong Bum went.

She continued, “Goo Hara had her case with her ex-boyfriend (Choi Jong Bum), and many people on portal sites thoughtlessly inflicted secondary damage on Goo Hara by talking about how she had a video of her private life and how that’s fatal to a female celebrity. Choi Jong Bum received a suspended sentence in his first trial. This means he was guilty, but the malicious comments [about Goo Hara] didn’t subside even after that. Goo Hara was also very frustrated after that happened. She had a hard time about the fact that he was acquitted of the charge of filming her without permission.”

Nevertheless, Hara wanted to help others.

The reporter revealed that she had become acquainted with Goo Hara after the singer offered to help her uncover the truth behind Jung Joon Young’s chatroom case. Kang Kyung Yoon stated, “I reported on the ‘Jung Joon Young chatroom’ case, and Goo Hara personally gave me a call afterwards. She’s also a victim [of a similar case], so she told me, ‘I had to contact you after seeing the article. I don’t know how I can help, but I would like to help you.’ She appeared to be wanting to actively work her way through the situation.” Kang Kyung Yoon continued, “Because Goo Hara is a female celebrity and because she was attending court trials as the victim of illegal filming by her ex-boyfriend, she courageously asked around for my contact details and contacted me first. She said she wanted to help in any way she could to uncover the truth behind the case, and she actually provided lots of help.”

Understandably light on the details, but the fact that she herself was a victim and that seemed to motivate her to help others seems telling of her strength and character. Aside from all the discussion surrounding her death, I thought it would be nice to remember this too as an example of who she was.

And recent events or not, Hara’s ex always deserved worse.


I give these petitions attention because they are not like those meaningless ones as the Korean government could be forced to actually pretend to give a shit and sometimes it does get results.


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