Wooyeop & Taeseon respond to TSE’s claims, source supports Wooyeop’s accusation that TSE employee extorted money

Wooyeop and Taeseon responding to the latest claims from TS Entertainment understandably got lost in the tragic news yesterday, but it still seems noteworthy that even if you don’t believe TSE as far as you can throw them that their side came back with a rebuttal.

Their lawyer starts by saying they hope TSE will stop making false allegations and causing conflict between the parents of members, then recaps the events so far, likely to refocus on the child abuse aspect of this. He then addresses the letter that the parents of eight members allegedly signed.

In regards to the conversation between the members’ parents that was revealed in the news, he said it was an ‘edited article’ and he glossed over the truth while saying, ‘They only captured the part that could be misunderstood, rather than including the whole context.’ He went on to spread false claims such as saying that Wooyeop dating had been the problem. In addition, TS Entertainment released a note that’s described as a statement from the remaining 8 members of TRCNG, showing their intention of turning this incident into a conflict between the parents. However, there are absolutely no lies within Wooyeop and Taeseon’s criminal complaint or their press releases, and everything is fact supported by evidence. Not only are TS Entertainment’s claims groundless, they are actions that damage Wooyeop and Taeseon’s reputations, and so additional legal responsibility will have to be taken about that. Before Wooyeop and Taeseon brought up the issues with the company, TRCNG’s 10 members and their parents all met together and they agreed about the problem of the company’s child abuse and violence. They agreed to request the termination of their contracts with the company together, and they then met with Director Park Sang Hyun to inform him of that. However, after that, the eight members other than Wooyeop and Taeseon reversed their stance and decided to continue promoting. Director Park Sang Hyun and the parents of the eight members hid this fact and are glossing over the truth as though Wooyeop and Taeseon are the ones making false allegations. Wooyeop, Taeseon, and their parents (from the perspective of people who also have children) respect the decision of the eight members and their parents to reverse their stance and decide to continue activities with the company, and they have no intention of causing problems. Along with that, it’s respectfully requested that in turn they respect the decision of the two members who chose to leave and their parents. In regards to TS Entertainment, it’s requested that they stop making false claims that muddy the issue, acknowledge the mistakes they’ve made, and apologize sincerely to the victims. In addition, it’s requested that they cease the secondary offenses against the victims such as the damaging of the reputations of Wooyeop and Taeseon. Wooyeop, Taeseon, and their parents will dedicate their full efforts so that this incident’s perpetrators, TS Entertainment and their executives and staff, receive appropriate punishment in the upcoming judicial proceedings.

Yeah, I think it would’ve been more powerful if all 10 members left, but faulting any of them for not wanting to go through what these two are going through now is difficult to blame them for, and that’s part of the power dynamic at play here.

There’s nothing all that material to judge here, but it was basically a rebuttal providing further detail and saying that they have receipts.

Sorta in relation to that point, a TSE employee has been accused of continuously extorting money from Wooyeop.

An anonymous source spoke to Sports World and claimed, “TS Entertainment employee ‘A’ would repeatedly take money from Wooyeop and never paid it back. According to the source, the employee has been taking money from Wooyeop since he was 17 years old [by Korean reckoning]. This is said to have taken place for over two years, and “A” is said to owe Wooyeop 1.2 million won (approximately $1,016). Wooyeop was the only member of TRCNG whose parents were living outside of the Seoul area, so “A” targeted him under the assumption that his parents would send him extra funds as they lived apart. “A” would continuously ask to borrow money from Wooyeop when he returned from seeing his parents. Claims were also made that if Wooyeop refused to lend “A” money, “A” would single Wooyeop out for more intense training, or order other employees to harass him.

I assume this is related to the aforementioned extortion that emerged initially, just that there’s corroborating testimony now.


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