Sunmi promotes JYP, jokes about instantly losing followers, JYP apologizes to her

I got a lot done over the weekend, including taking captures of Sunmi promoting JYP’s “Fever” and seeing her immediately suffering the consequences. Of course, her caption seemed to indicate she knew what was coming, with “Park Jin Young, also known as ‘Gorilla who likes rice cakes.’ Please show your love for ‘Fever,’ and I heard he’s also holding a concert.”

She shed followers faster than TS Entertainment gets sued by their artists.

Sunmi, resolve probably steeled from the response to her last JYP promo, did it again later. Perhaps just to make sure JYP wasn’t gonna be salty, “[Park Jin Young] PD, you know I’m joking, right? Good luck!!!!”


JYP himself addressed it on his Instagram, apologizing to Sunmi.

No reason to apologize, Sunmi, it definitely could’ve been worse.


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