Singer ATONE stops attempted sexual assault, drawing praise after reports about his actions surface

Singer/producer ATONE has made news in Korea recently for stopping an attempted sexual assault on a woman by a foreign English teacher, apparently by executing some kind of judo throw based on the description.

On November 30, Channel A reported that ATONE stopped a man from attempting to sexually assault a woman earlier that morning. The news channel explained that ATONE threw the man over his shoulder and kept him under control until the police arrived. ATONE explained in a call with News1, “At around 8:30 in the morning, I was sleeping when I heard something like a woman’s scream outside. It seemed strange, so I opened the window and saw a foreign man trying to sexually assault a woman. In a hurry, I warned the man through the window and ran out. Once I was outside, the woman ran away barefoot, and the man came at me while swinging his fists. While we were arguing, I asked a car passing by to report to the police. Then, some people came out of a church nearby and helped me suppress the man. I didn’t do it alone. It was something done together by the citizens. I only threw him over my shoulder because he was trying to run away.” He added that he felt embarrassed and stunned by the positive reaction online. The assailant, an English instructor from the United States, was booked by the police for attempted sexual assault. He was drunk at the time and is reportedly denying the charges.

Well, at least there’s one story where the dude tried to do the right thing for once. Something amusing about this ballad singer being able to throw hands.

No idea who this guy is, but he has a song “Ballade”, which also has a duet version with Ha Yea Song.


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