[Review] LIMITLESS set down a better path with “Wish Wish”

I was not a big fan of Limitless’ summer debut. In fact, at this point I can barely recall it at all. I know that it was vaguely tropical, but whatever hooks it might have delivered have evaporated with the changing of the seasons. But, debuts are often marred with growing pains. Sometimes it’s the follow-up that’s more important. And although Wish Wish isn’t anything special, it’s definitely an upgrade for the group.

The song continues Limitless’ tropical aesthetic, but finds a more satisfying groove. The production hits a little harder, augmented with strums of guitar and big percussion. The verses are still way too forgettable and wispy, keeping time rather than building their own interest. But, the chorus has a bit of oomph to it. There’s a dynamite melody hiding in there, just waiting to break out. It’s not quite developed to the point that it should be, but I can connect the dots enough to see where the producers were going.

Ultimately, though, a song like Wish Wish isn’t likely to do much for Limitless’ burgeoning career. Like any K-pop rookie, they’re polished and well-practiced. They just haven’t harnessed a sound of their own yet. There’s only so far a tropical production like this can take you at the tail end of 2019. Wish Wish is a pleasant palate cleanser, but it’s not the main course. And as many of us American fans celebrate Thanksgiving today, I’m more inclined to go straight for the good stuff.


IATFB says: The instrumental is more interesting than the melody, but this is Jang Moonbook’s group and it is important to remember that everything he does is good even if it’s not and I will ban anybody slandering him. Ha ha ha, just joking … unless?

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