Whistleblower provides chart manipulation evidence against an artist accused by Park Kyung, will also submit for investigation

From a 2018 story on sajaegi.

After Park Kyung named names in his #EverybodyKnows tweet about sajaegi, multiple experts had come forward saying that nothing with change with sajaegi cause it’s impossible to track without a whistleblower coming forward. And well well well, now an informant has stepped up to become exactly that.

On December 5, an anonymous source sent media outlet Sports World a photo of a computer with a song being streamed using tens of accounts simultaneously. The source claimed, “This should be one of the singers Park Kyung recently mentioned.” They continued to reveal their reason for sharing the information, stating, “Recently, it has become a societal issue, and I hope this helps singer Park Kyung at least a little bit.” The source added, “The original file is a video, and the face of the person who is operating the computer is shown. I plan on making a request to an agency that specializes in facial recognition and also plan on submitting it to investigative agencies, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and other organizations involved with the music industry.”

Notable in that it’s not only allegedly evidence of sajaegi but specifically mentions that it relates to one of the artists Park Kyung named (that is now suing him).

Things are officially getting spicy, and while it’s still unlikely that industry-wide sajaegi would get exposed, there’s a chance this could snowball further now if more people step forward. We all know it happens, just a matter of people talking, really.


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