BTS reportedly seeking legal advice over profit distribution issues, Big Hit denies

BTS are seeking legal advice over profit distribution issues with their company Big Hit Entertainment, according to a JTBC report.

The report says they are considering legal action, and cites a law firm recently receiving a case for review last week. Meanwhile, commentators on the news say they are just seeking consultation from the law firm, while the law firm they reportedly are working with could not confirm the report.

Big Hit has responded by saying that the report is false and have nothing more to add.

I mean they had to say something, though if BTS were actually pursuing this action, Big Hit probably wouldn’t want to admit that anyway and would prefer to resolve it privately. The company obviously would lose any public war with the group, and they presumably both know this.

We’ll see how this shakes out over time or if it even becomes a bigger thing going forward. Though regardless, I always did find the disparity between how much money people would talk about Big Hit making and the amount that the BTS members themselves were receiving a bit odd even if it still made them multi-millionaires. One way or another, hopefully they get what they rightfully deserve for their constant work.


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