Minzy’s request for contract termination denied, she mentions further legal action against Music Works

Back in October, Minzy filed a request for termination of her contract with Music Works, as well as ~$40k in damages. Recently the court denied Minzy’s request and claim.

According to a report by Xportsnews made on December 4, the court recently denied Minzy’s request for the injunction and the claim, signifying that Minzy’s exclusive contract with Music Works will continue as is. A source from Music Works also confirmed, “It is true that Gong Minzy’s request for an injunction to suspend her exclusive contract has been denied. We will work to reach an amicable agreement with [Minzy] by seeking solutions through extensive conversations with her”

While that may be what Music Works wants, Minzy made it clear shortly after that she had no interest in this.

“I think I will have to enter a new legal dispute with my agency that will not be a short one. When I signed the contract, the agency promised at least four albums a year and promised to provide as much support as possible. However, I have only had one album for the past four years, and they have barely provided support for my activities. I have not been shown the statement of accounts a single time, and I did not receive even one won of profits. More than money, it is the most important to me to be able to continue promoting as an artist. As a result, I hoped to resolve [the situation] quickly by settling with the agency or through an injunction, but it did not go smoothly, so now I can only take legal action in order for the truth to be revealed. At least for my fans who always support me and cheer me on, I will handle this with strength and overcome it. I promise to always show diligence and confidence both on and off stage.

We don’t have much to go on at the moment other than the court decision, but even assuming the contract itself is technically valid, this seems headed for a settlement or something at some point because her issues with the company appear irreconcilable.


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