JYPE says TWICE have been put in protective custody following concerns over Nayeon’s stalker

People have been asking me to cover Nayeon‘s stalker since it started, and although my site is irrelevant, I did question whether it was productive to give this guy more attention since he seemed to bask in coverage rather than try to recede and I figured it would be better to just let fans continue reporting him directly to JYP Entertainment.

Was that right? I dunno but I felt very uncomfortable giving that fuck what he wanted. Regardless, now JYPE themselves have taken serious measures against him, saying in a statement that they have put the group under protective custody.

Regarding the progress of the action taken against the stalking issues we informed you about previously, we have made a protective custody request to the local police, and the protective custody is currently being implemented in the area near the JYP Entertainment headquarters and the neighborhood of Cheongdam. Furthermore, guards will be accompanying [her] for all activities. We are continuing to review all possible legal measures that can be taken, and we plan to immediately take the strongest level of action once the review is complete.

For those who don’t get what is going on and why TWICE are now in protection of police, it all started about two months ago when fans found a German fan of Nayeon displaying disturbing behavior by essentially acting as if he was dating her, trying to get the location of TWICE’s dorm, and doing other creepy shit.

He also said he would be going to Korea in December, and in the lead-up to those plans he continued with his behavior.

Then he actually followed through and went to Korea in December as promised.

At one point, JYPE released a statement essentially telling fans they are aware of what’s going on, and he replied to them directly claiming it was not about him.

He then said he would go back to JYPE.


So yeah, this has all been very disturbing to follow even just with that knowledge, but it gets more disturbing because fans appear to have found his account on Reddit where while responding to a different topic essentially justifies killing in retaliation for being heartbroken.

“Sadly it’s still legal and acceptable to break other people’s heart and if the person who got his/her heart broken kills the other person who broke their heart, the person who killed that other person now has to go to jail even though he/she acted morally correct.”

Anyway, yeah, I really hope nothing comes of this in the end aside from him being dealt with and getting serious help, but the whole thing has been rather concerning to follow.


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