[Update] CLC’s Sorn under fire after posting pic with a friend wearing a racist caricature mask then dismissing backlash, now apologizes

CLC‘s Sorn has recently found herself under fire after posting a group picture on social media with one person wearing a racist caricature mask of a black man. The backlash was immediate and Sorn did delete the picture, so at that point I think most people would’ve understood if she issued an apology for it since it wasn’t her rocking it.

Unfortunately, she instead choose to tell everybody to chill on her Instagram Stories.

Sorn, I love you, but this is an incredible self-own. Jesus, the tone deafness.

Understandably, that is what appeared to really set people off, as it made it seem like she didn’t take any of the concerns of fans (or the issue of racism, in general) seriously at all and was just going to brush it off. It’s honestly the worst thing to do, cause now even if she does apologize, people are simply not going to believe she’s being genuine and I’m kind of in that same boat.

While I’m not personally into burying people forever for mistakes like this, quite frankly it’d be hard to blame anybody who doesn’t believe this was a mistake due to how she’s handled it, and I’m just hoping at this point that she at least attempts to take steps towards making it right.


Sorn has issued an apology.

She also claims that the post on Instagram Stories telling people to “chill” was not addressing this issue.

I dunno, man. Sounds like bullshit to me.


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