Ryu Sera reacts to Nine Muses music videos & spills a bit on them, investigates Dreamcatcher & LOONA

Former Nine Muses member Ryu Sera has been on YouTube for a while now, as I remember when she first left the group and was working on solo stuff I used to cover it and her doing cute acts like delivering stuff to fans in person.

Recently though (about three months ago) she sorta transitioned into being like an actual YouTuber of sorts, becoming a hybrid reaction/review type of channel and that has seemed to work out well for her.

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Of particular note are her latest videos in which she actually reacts to Nine Muses music videos and gives some interesting details, including some that shine a somehow even worse light on how Star Empire Entertainment operated.

Then there’s her investigations into groups, including LOONA.

And Dreamcatcher as well.

While I don’t usually recommend these types of channels, Sera has always been cool and she does provide unique insight in some aspects that others in the same mold do not/cannot.


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