Miyavi joins LDH, E-Girls to disband, Happiness to join 88Rising

Whew, what a title, huh?

A few days ago, rocker Miyavi announced that he would be joining LDH.

On December 18 at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO, MIYAVI held an event to announce his transfer to LDH JAPAN. He was joined at the event by EXILE AKIRA. At the event, MIYAVI said that his heart was trembling. He was thinking seriously about developing his international career, and decided to team up with LDH in 2020 to “rock the world” together.
MIYAVI became independent in 2009 and started his own management company, J-glam. With the support of many, he has spent the past decade working around the world, but it has been difficult at times working overseas alone, he admitted. He wanted friends to do this with.
He then noted how he met HIRO, and noticed his approach to the entertainment industry, one that has a focus on friendship and unity. He also noticed this quality in others at LDH, such as EXILE AKIRA, EXILE SHOKICKI, and VERBAL. At LDH, MIYAVI hopes to learn more of these traits from HIRO.

Yesterday, LDH announced that E-Girls would be disbanding.

It has been announced that girl group E-girls will be disbanding in 2020. The announcement was made today on the groups official website.
According to the statement, the agreement to dissolve came from numerous discussions between the members. Many of the members had their own goals and dreams they wanted to accomplish.

Perhaps most interestingly though, sub-unit Happiness would be joining 88Rising.

Yuzu will be forming a new unit with members that passed an audition sponsored by LDH Europe and Dutch DJ Afrojack. Reina Washio will become a full-time solo artist. Happiness will work with the agency 88Rising to promote worldwide, while the other members will continue to focus on acting and modeling.

Major changes coming to LDH, and though I’m looking forward to Miyavi, having E-Girls come to an end is certainly disappointing as they put out a lot that I enjoyed over the years.

Perhaps the thing I’m most curious about is how Happiness will be promoted by 88Rising and how that partnership works out.


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