Singer Kim Gun Mo’s career halted due to multiple allegations of sexual and physical assault

Famous singer Kim Gun Mo is currently wrapped up in scandal after scandal due to multiple allegations of sexual assault and physical assault from victims speaking out about his past behavior.

Youtube channel Garo Sero Institute, led by lawyers Kang Yong Suk and Kim Se Ui, has been the most prominent voice in speaking for the alleged victims and released the information about the first victim’s assault on December 6th via their Youtube channel. The anonymous first victim, ‘A’, stated that Kim had sexually assaulted her twice at the restaurant that he owns. She stated that Kim Gun Mo was wearing the Batman T-shirt he is often seen wearing while on broadcast and forced oral sex on her and raped her. Following this reveal, Kim Gun Mo’s representatives vehemently released an official statement denouncing these claims as false and promising to file suit against Garo Sero Institute and the alleged victim, stating that Kim didn’t know the woman at all. Kim’s representatives went on to claim that they support all ‘me too’ claims but that the victim’s ‘me too’ claim was a false one and such claims should be prevented. The victim is currently under police protection and was given a smartwatch after citing fears of her own safety. 

Garo Sero Institute shortly afterward revealed an interview with a victim of physical assault, ‘B’’ on December 11th. She stated that she came forward with courage after hearing the story of ‘A’ but had not revealed her story until now because she was terrified of Kim. She stated that she used to work at an adult entertainment bar that Kim was present in 2007. Kim was allegedly in a bad mood after fighting with his female partner and grabbed her by the hair and punched her in the face and stomach multiple times yelling “I told you to you were to loud you b****”  before she was able to escape the situation. ‘B’ stated that she immediately went to the hospital and was treated for her injuries and shared the medical bill from that day. ‘B’ also reported that Kim Gun Mo and his representatives kept the reports from airing although rumors spread and reporters showed up at the scene of the crime. She stated her intense fear of Kim, saying that he and his representatives threatened her into silence. 

A third victim, ‘C’ also came forward on Garo Sero Institute’s channel on December 17th after hearing about the A’s story. She stated that Kim had unzipped his pants in front of her showing his penis. Although she stated she had no intention of suing Kim, she made a blistering comment regarding his size stating: “All I remember was that it was very small.” 

These accusations come right after Kim’s announcement that he would be getting married to pianist and music professor Jang Ji Youn after a year of dating. Although netizens were initially congratulating the singer for his impending marriage to his young and beautiful fiancee, many are now questioning his ability to get married given the impending scandals surrounding him. Although the statute of limitations has ended on the physical assault Kim is accused of, legal experts have stated that Kim could face up to three years of imprisonment if the rape allegations are found to be true. The case is currently being investigated by the police and many netizens are turning their backs from the formerly popular singer who has now canceled his 25th-anniversary concert tour. Ironically, the singer’s representatives reported that he would be going forward with the tour after the first victim but ultimately canceled all his appearances as more and more allegations came to light. 

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