2020 and beyond

As some have noticed in my occasional personal updates this year, 2019 was a rather rough go in terms of news that Asian Junkie typically covers. Yeah, I know that nobody wants to compare covering tragedies to other controversies, and that’s valid, but the topics required not only a lot of time to sift through but has also been taxing in other ways as well.

While I’m fine, I’ve gotten behind on stuff I’ve been wanting to do for the site, and I think in general this year the site has felt a bit more like work than just some dumb blog I do for fun. At times I’ve felt similar in past years but nothing that compares to this year and I aim to change that. I’m not sure what that exactly will entail, nor am I sure there will be noticeable changes for most readers, but this is just a heads up that if something does feel different to you then this is probably why.

Additionally, this post also usefully serves as an elongated excuse for why my long-awaited, highly-respected, perfect-in-every-way year-end list will be late this year. How late? I dunno, but I haven’t started in earnest yet, so probably quite a while. In a way that feature is a nice microcosm of what I’m talking about, as I truly enjoy making the lists (even if people get mad at me) and that should therefore be a priority rather than whatever other shit people request/demand/scream I cover, yet it wasn’t. I also choose to not rush it out, which is sort of a change, as again this isn’t something that should feel like work on a deadline since nobody is paying me.


Overall, I’d like to thank everybody (well, most of you) for reading this year even if it was a bit of an unpleasant roller coaster. Hopefully 2020 is at least somewhat better in news, but most importantly for all of you personally.

I would sign off for the year, but surely some major news story will break before then as is tradition, so I won’t jinx myself this time.


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