JYPE announces legal action against Nayeon’s stalker after he made it onto TWICE’s flight & continuously tried to reach her

The foreign stalker of TWICE‘s Nayeon has already resulted in JYP Entertainment requesting and getting police protection for the group, though one has to wonder exactly what the countermeasures prevent after the latest worrying incident.

Hours ago, TWICE sent out a now-deleted Instagram Story pleading with somebody to go back home, and I don’t think it was ever much a mystery as to who that refers to.

Sure enough, the stalker later posted on his Twitter account that he was “attacked” by JYPE staff while on their plane.

JYPE then recently released a statement about the incident, confirming that it was Nayeon’s foreign stalker that made it onto their plane and made a scene.

There was a big disturbance on [TWICE’s] flight back from Japan today as a foreign stalker was aboard the same flight for Nayeon. The stalker continuously attempted to reach Nayeon. Due to an immediate response, fortunately no damage was done directly to the artist, but they have expressed a lot of discomfort and anxiety. Nayeon is currently under police watch due to this issue, and despite the repeated warnings from police and Nayeon herself that he should never approach her, he is continuing to ignore them, raising his voice towards our staff and clashing with our staff. The foreign stalker continues to behave without any remorse for his actions despite the consistent warnings. We are hereby announcing that we will immediately be taking legal action against him to the highest degree possible. We are also aware that the artists’ flight information was illegally sold and distributed. We would like to say that we will continue to seek out measures to completely eradicate this issue.

It’s disturbing enough that sasaengs routinely do things like follow their idols onto their flights and get that kind of information from brokers, but for a stalker to be there and cause an incident makes it seem like things are now escalating beyond even that disturbing norm and serious action has to be taken.

I’m not exactly sure how they can resolve this, but it’s clear by now this is going to be safety problem until it’s dealt with. JYPE say they’re going to take action, and I certainly hope they do immediately for everybody’s sake. But at the same time I’m concerned because honestly K-pop companies and authorities have rarely shown themselves to be competent in these matters.


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