IZ*ONE will reportedly resume activities after companies of the members reach agreement

With X1 disbanding due to the inability of CJ E&M/Mnet to reach an agreement with the companies of the members, the attention then turned to IZ*ONE. The X1 news seemed ominous for them, especially since ‘Produce 48‘ was also implicated in the vote manipulation/fraud scandal. However, there’s much better news to report on this front, as the companies of the IZ*ONE members have reportedly agreed to resume activities and CJ E&M have alluded to progress in talks.

After it was announced that X1 has disbanded on January 6, a source from CJ ENM spoke to the news outlet Sports Today. They stated, “In regards to IZ*ONE, our company and each of the agencies are all thinking positively about a resumption of their activities.” The news outlet SpoTVNews reported later that evening that according to their investigation, the agencies have agreed that IZ*ONE will resume activities in January. This has not been confirmed.

IZ*ONE returning always seemed plausible because they had time to establish themselves before the scandal broke, and quite frankly even if they lost everything in Korea (which I’m not sure they have) they could always turn to Japan because I don’t get the feeling they ever cared much about this mess. Thus, unlike the X1 situation, remaining in IZ*ONE was likely seen as a viable option for the companies.


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