Sexual harassment investigation into Shinhwa’s Minwoo now closed, says company

Back in July of last year, Minwoo of Shinhwa was booked on accusations of sexually harassing two women. While the complaints were indeed later withdrawn, police continued to investigate after finding CCTV evidence.

Police explained that they would continue investigating the case because an indecent act by compulsion is indictable without a complaint. They recently found CCTV footage that confirm the suspicions of indecent act by compulsion.

At the time, that seemed rather damning, as quite frankly video evidence of these types of things rarely exist.

Now though, Liveworks Company says in a statement that the investigation has been closed and no further action will be taken.

Regarding the incident related to our singer Lee Min Woo that was reported through the media in July, the prosecution recently closed the investigation with the conclusion that no suspicions were found.

It would be nice to have details about how that reversal took place exactly, but it doesn’t seem like there ever will be further explanation at this point since all of this happened like a week ago.


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