JYPE files restraining order & presses charges against Nayeon’s stalker

Thankfully following through on a declaration to take action after the incident on a flight last week involving a stalker of TWICE‘s Nayeon, JYP Entertainment announced today that they would be filing a restraining order and pressing charges against him.

On [January] 8, we filed criminal charges to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station against the stalker of TWICE member Nayeon for Interference with Business (Criminal Act Article 314). Furthermore, we also filed for a restraining order to the Seoul Central District Court on [January] 7. Previously, the stalker who attempted to approach Nayeon continuously was warned under police order several times already to not approach her. However, the stalker continuously took actions that ignored [the warnings], and he boarded the plane on [January] 1 on the flight back after carrying out activities abroad, attempted to approach Nayeon again, and caused a major disturbance on board.

Given the discussion about what JYPE could actually charge him with that raged on in the comments of the last post about this, it’s definitely interesting that they went with interference with business. As many pointed out, the problem with stalking laws is generally that even being clearly disturbed is often not enough for action unless the stalker does something physically to the victim, which is probably why JYPE went this route.

Regardless, hopefully the authorities will agree to take some kind of action here, though I’m skeptical about whether this will actually result in the status quo changing.


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