A letter of acceptance from the Asian Junkie Editorial Board regarding the IU & Post Malone news

Unkempt bag of damp rags Post Malone followed IU a while back on Instagram and I regret to inform you all that IU has recently followed him back.


Shocking news as this inevitably means they’ll be getting married and having a kid(s), but it’s something we have to endure nevertheless because we are fans of IU. It’s a reality that the Asian Junkie Editorial Board explained in a letter we recently penned.


I’ve been a fan even before she made her debut, but I’m not really going insane.

She did say that she wanted to get married and have a kid.

I’ve already gotten used to IU pushing us fans around.

She’s that kind of woman, but I like her so it can’t be helped.

IU is the unconventional type too.

Post Malone should support her private life because we’ll be supporting IU’s Music=Soul.

And that soul will be handed down to my children, then from my children to my grandchildren.

That’s how my DNA will blend in with IU’s.

That’s the eternalGood Day” between IU and her fans.



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