Police say YG threatened informant in drug case, according to report + forwarded prosecution with rec to indict

YG has been involved in a lot of mess of late, and there’s finally an update in the case of him allegedly interfering in the investigation of B.I.’s drug case through witness intimidation.

Police have reportedly said that accusations against him of threatening the informant have been found to be partially true and will forward him to the prosecution.

On February 14, YTN reported that it has been found partially true by the police that Yang Hyun Suk threatened the informant, who testified about B.I, to change her testimony. Yang Hyun Suk previously denied all such allegations. However, it was discovered that a third individual “Kim,” a staff member, was present when Yang Hyun Suk met up with the informant. “Kim” is the individual who assigned an attorney for the informant using the company’s money in exchange for changing her testimony. As a result of investigating “Kim,” the police came to the conclusion that Yang Hyun Suk’s testimony lacks credibility and found the charges to be partially true. The police now plan on forwarding Yang Hyun Suk to the prosecution for recommendation for indictment.

Kinda surprising, specifically because it took somebody else to corroborate the whistleblower’s story to get even a partial charge across. If not for them, this all would’ve gone as expected, with him getting off completely due to an alleged lack of evidence of whatever else. I mean, he still could get off, but it seems like he’ll at least be sentenced for something.

Either way, putting the legalities aside, this exposes a concerning level of corruption when paired with past reports and rumors surrounding YGE and YG receiving favorable treatment from authorities or cases dropping off the map.


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