Arrest warrant requested for 2 staff of ‘Idol School’ in manipulation case

Back in September of last year, it was revealed that ‘Idol School’ was under investigation for vote manipulation. That story was obviously overshadowed by the ‘Produce 101’ part of it, but now this case comes to the forefront as police have filed for an arrest warrant of two staff involved in producting the show.

On February 14, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s cyber security division revealed that prosecutors had filed an arrest warrant for two individuals including chief producer (CP) Kim on charges of obstruction of business. The court questioning to determine the validity of the arrest warrants will be held at 10:30 a.m. KST on February 17. A source from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated, “We cannot reveal exact details for requesting the arrest warrants as the investigation is currently underway.” Mnet also confirmed that arrest warrants had been requested and stated, “We will continue to fully cooperate with the investigation.”

The ‘Idol School’ case is interesting because not only are they being accused of unfairness, but also of miserable working conditions. Also worth tracking are Fromis 9, the group from the show, who have so far generally avoided the scrutiny of other groups formed from these shows. That could unfortunately change now as this case gets rolling.


The requests were rejected.


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