[Giveaway] Announcing the winners for our Dreamcatcher’s ‘Dystopia’ giveaway!

Hey, so remember that Dreamcatcher giveaway? Well I’ve recently received all the necessary information and I can announce the 10 winners of the ‘Dystopia‘ giveaway.

Congratulations to @minjifuI, @PopcornCatcher3, @teacupjongie, @dreamonstac, @kpopchangedme, @WhiteOnDreamer, @DreamBoumKiss, @yeolkim92ifah, @Raineydropp, @Tewaice.


Of course, the point of doing this is to support Dreamcatcher, so you should probably do that somehow.

If you weren’t one of the winners, don’t fret, as you’ll probably get another chance next comeback.


Thanks to 7 DREAMERS for assistance with this.


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Thot Leader™