The Rose files for contract termination, claim issues with payment & scheduling

Band The Rose have filed for contract termination from their company J& Star Company, most prominently citing issues with payment and an unreasonable schedule.

It was confirmed on February 28 that The Rose recently sent a certification of contents requesting the termination of their contract with their agency J & STAR Company. The company has also already sent in a certification of contents refuting the contents detailed by The Rose.

Through their certification of contents, The Rose stated that the agency enforced an unreasonable schedule and that there were many problems regarding payment.

One was the issues is also that payment issues have not been settled since they debuted, and they say they only want the contract terminated rather than trying to go for compensation as well.

J&Star Company responded with a statement of their own, saying they would be taking legal action and are considering requesting compensation.

J & Star Company also released an official statement stating that The Rose notified the company of the termination of their exclusive contract due to “lack of payment, breakdown of trust, and violation of exclusive contract.” The company stated, “However, the ‘violation of exclusive contract’ that The Rose is claiming is not true,” explaining that the agency announced and discussed The Rose’s schedule with the members beforehand. The company also stated, “Furthermore, we provided payment information for the entire exclusive contract period to The Rose, and we confirmed through documents that they received the information. Currently, The Rose has refused to converse with the company, and after unilaterally notifying [the company] of contract termination, they have unilaterally notified that they refuse to participate in the scheduled broadcasts and performances, which they have promised to hold with the fans.” The company confirmed that they will be considering legal steps to avoid leaving a negative precedent, and they are also considering requesting compensation for damages and criminal liability.

It’s hard to say anything for sure based on the details we have now, though their company doesn’t really mention actually paying them as much as it says they just claim they showed them how much in debt they are, and that The Rose just wants to get out of the company rather than seeking compensation does seem to speak to a general dissatisfaction with the way the company is treating them.

Regardless, by all indications they are united in this and will be operating as a group, so that’s promising for them going forward.


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