Jun Ji Hyun shamed for not donating to virus prevention efforts, then shamed again after donating

Netizens have nothing better to yet again, as after going for Seolhyun for posting pictures, they’ve now targeted actress Jun Ji Hyun with shaming comments for not donating to the Coronavirus efforts.

Ironically, the actress later donated 1 billion KRW to help combat the severe outbreak happening in Korea earlier today, but that didn’t stop netizens for… well just being angry at her regardless. Comments with hundreds of upvotes have stated the following:

“Compared to what she has, Jun Ji Hyun really doesn’t donate.”

“You can’t take your money to the afterlife. You should donate.”

“It’s because she’s not from this country. Who knows, she could be secretly donating money to China and Taiwan.”

“You shoot a lot of commercials. You should donate.”

“She’ll never donate. Her beauty will stay the same as well as her actions.”

Even after articles came out regarding her donation, netizens continued shaming her and then went on to target other celebrities for not donating as well, saying:

“Either she saw the comments or her label did.”

“Jun Ji Hyun really doesn’t donate money but neither does Kim Sarang.”

“Why aren’t Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In donating to their hometown of Daegu? They even sent encouraging messages to Wuhan.”

“You did it because you couldn’t stand the comments didn’t you?”

“LOL the article called her a donation princess. That’s not the case.”

“Will Gong Hyo Jin donate? I haven’t seen news of her donating since her debut.”

Netizen comments obviously continue to be an issue amidst Korea’s attempt to the increasingly toxic internet culture, the brunt of which is usually focused on women. The Coronavirus outbreak is increasing tension amongst citizens given the haphazard, inconsiderate, and ridiculously stupid actions of cult Shincheonji and other religious sects who are still gathering for services and endangering others with their actions. But unsurprisingly, it doesn’t appear that what many had expressed following the events of last year actually led to enough people trying to be kinder online. That’s a problem that has yet to properly addressed and worked through, and there doesn’t appear to be much end in sight.

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