m-flo is bringing back the “Loves” series with 3 features for “Tell Me Tell Me”

m-flo has always been great, but the “Loves” series that followed Lisa’s departure was a different sort of treat, so it’s a pleasant surprise that they’re bringing it back.

On March 6, the first song from the new “Loves” series, “tell me tell me”, will be released digitally. The song will feature three artists, two male and one female. m-flo teased this in the promo photo for the single (see above) , showing only the back of their new collaborators’ heads, not revealing their names. There has been speculation as to what the identities of the artists are, with Mukai Taichi, eill, and Korean rapper SIK-K being popular guesses.

For my money, the “Loves” era consisted of their best work, so doing it again is definitely something I’m looking forward to and hopefully it produces the same kind of musical quality.


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