Jay Park gets slapped by UFC fighter Brian Ortega basically for being fighter Chan Sung Jung’s translator

In somehow-not-a-joke news, Jay Park was recently slapped by UFC fighter Brian Ortega after the latter took the former’s translation work for fellow Korean UFC fighter Chan Sung Jung (managed by AOMG) personally for whatever reason.

At UFC 248, Jay Park was in attendance at T-Mobile Arena with Chan Sung Jung and while The Korean Zombie went to the bathroom, Ortega walked up and slapped him before being escorted out by security.

Apparently this was for Jay translating trash talk on Ariel Helwani’s show earlier.

I mean it seems like a sucker move to slap a translator for translating when the fighter whose words you have beef with wasn’t there, but Jay seems fine and that’s one way to build heat for a fight, I guess. Yikes.


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