Yoochun faces detention judgment trial after failure to pay damages to his alleged sexual assault victim

Back in September of last year, Yoochun was ordered to pay the victim of his (alleged) sexual assault around $40,000 (mediated down from the requested $80,000). He didn’t bother to defend himself then, and he’s now in trouble because he’s not bothering to pay up either. Thus, Yoochun faces a detention judgement trial.

Park Yoochun continued to not respond, and his provisionally seized officetel apartment was put on auction for unpaid taxes. In December, “A” filed a request for specification of Park Yoochun’s property in order to collect the damages and the interest that has accrued because he did not pay it. Since he did not respond to this either, a detention judgment trial has been planned. It’s reported the trial may rule on whether Park Yoochun breached his duty to specify his property. Article 68 (Court-Ordered Confinement of Debtor and Penalty Provisions) of the Civil Execution Act states: “Where a debtor has committed any of the following acts, without any good cause, a court shall punish him/her by court-ordered confinement for not more than 20 days, by its ruling: 1. Non-appearance on the date of specification; 2. Refusal to submit the property catalog; 3. Refusal to take an oath.”

It is amazing how quickly he decided to not give a fuck about pushing back against the sexual assault allegations once he had no real reputation or image left to defend. I would say he should have no problem paying this off as he should be rich, but maybe this might explain the need to release overpriced photobooks that only real psychos would buy.


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