Yoochun to pay $80k+ in damages lawsuit over an alleged sexual assault from 2016

In addition to his drug case mess, Yoochun was also dealing with a damages lawsuit filed by his second sexual assault accuser. Having seemingly given up any hope of salvaging his image, he simply didn’t bother responding to the suit and so back in mid-July the court ordered him to pay compensation to his alleged victim. Now it’s being reported that he has a month to pay the alleged victim almost $85,000.

The courts previously ordered a mandatory mediation, and after a hangup due to the resignation of Park Yoochun’s lawyers and an address change, Park Yoochun received the mediation proposal on August 27. Because Park Yoochun did not object to the proposal within two weeks (by September 11), the terms have been accepted by default, and Park Yoochun will have one month to pay the agreed upon amount, which has been reported as close to 100 million won (approximately $84,400). The legal representative of “A” said, “The compensation is large, but there is a clause in which the amount must be kept secret for a month, so we are unable to disclose the exact figure.”

What if he continues to ignore this? Then his assets are going to be seized.

According to reports, in the event that Park Yoochun does not comply, they are planning to enforce the matter by taking steps to seize Park Yoochun’s assets.

Given that he’s not even bothering to contest this and that there were reports of police favoritism during Yoochun’s sexual assault cases in 2016, it seems more reasonable than ever to question (if you hadn’t already) whether justice was served in those cases.


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