Choi Jong Hoon sentenced to probation on charges of attempted bribery and sharing illegal footage

Former FT Island member Choi Jong Hoon is already due to serve five years in prison for his role in multiple gang rapes, and it was recently announced that he will additionally serve two years probation as a result of the sentencing for alleged bribery of police after drunk driving and spreading illegal footage.

The court sentenced Choi Jong Hoon to one year in prison suspended for two years of probation along with 80 hours in a sexual violence rehabilitation program. The court stated, “Choi Jong Hoon expressed his intent to offer a bribe to a public official for his personal gain, trying to damage the fairness regarding drunk driving control and trust in society.” They added, “Furthermore, on his charge of filming a woman’s nude body, offering it to other people, and distributing pornographic material, he quickly and easily spread a video that could distort a sound sexual awareness, so the societal damage is great.”

Considering the court has already gone relatively light on his previous heinous crimes, getting probation for this can’t be seen as surprising even if it feels like bullshit. Obviously this is far from the most important aspect of the charges against him, but it’s further proof of his involvement.

Perhaps the more important point to make here is how his 2016 drunk driving case did actually evade the public eye and Choi Jong Hoon is getting sentenced for trying to bribe a police officer, yet the police cleared themselves of any wrongdoing. Makes you think.


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