CUBE co-founder Hong Seong Sung leaves company following conflict with largest shareholder

Following comments by Cube Entertainment co-founder Hong Seong Sung a couple days ago comparing new management of the company to “thugs”, he has now announced his departure from the company in a statement.

“I was not suspicious of them because I believed that we were good partners who could help each other, but it did not take a lot of time for them to make me realize that they had absolutely no intention of working together with me. I just didn’t want the hard work we put in together at Cube to be in vain, and since I was happy beyond measure while working, even during my long illness, there’s no way for me to express in words how disappointed and despondent I am. It’s also so heartbreaking that our strong faith in each other that we shared all that time changes in an instant, but it will be up to those who remain to make Cube shine brighter in the future. I will now leave Cube, which I had put my life on the line for. I’ll stand in front of all of you again in a different way.”

It really is an odd time for things to go south with the company. Following the shoddily-handled HyunA/E’Dawn debacle, the company seemed to rebound behind the emergence of (G)I-DLE and CLC building momentum. Now it seems like they’re going back to turmoil, and it’s valid to be concerned about how this is all going to shake out going forward.


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