Wheesung found passed out again due to anesthetic in hotel bathroom, agency makes statement

Following the years of investigations into his alleged propofol use, a couple days ago Wheesung was found passed out in a bathroom due to anaesthetic usage. Unfortunately, things seem to be escalating as he was found passed out yet again following more anesthetic use.

Later on April 3, SBS’s “8 O’clock News” reported that Wheesung was found passed out again on the evening of April 2 after taking an anesthetic. According to the report, Wheesung was discovered passed out in a hotel bathroom in Seoul’s Gwangjin district at 9:15 p.m. on April 2 KST. He was found with a syringe and a bottle that contained anesthetic, and he was taken to the police station. SBS reports that in this second case as well, Wheesung was questioned only as a testifier as the anesthetic is not an illegal drug, and the police then let him go. The police have reportedly also acquired evidence that Wheesung withdrew money from an ATM on April 2 as well, and they are investigating how the drugs were purchased. Wheesung’s samples have been sent to the National Forensic Service under request for a complete examination to determine whether or not illegal drugs were taken. Around the same time as the SBS report, Wheesung’s agency addressed recent events for the first time through a statement. It mentions that Wheesung was admitted to a hospital after he returned home from police questioning, however it does not specify on which date this happened.

Realslow Company released a statement, saying that he is/was receiving treatment.

Wheesung has been going through a difficult time due to his father’s sudden passing, a series of deaths of people whom he had worked with, and difficult incidents that he became entangled in last year. On the day he was discovered passed out in a public bathroom, Wheesung had left his home, cut off contact with his family as well, and was found in the bathroom. After that, he tested negative for illegal drugs in a police investigation and there was nothing else unusual, so he returned home. However, after he returned home, he was having extreme thoughts and showing symptoms of depression and panic disorder, and so he was admitted to a related hospital. He is currently receiving psychiatric therapy, and he is also earnestly taking part in the police investigation. He will continue to actively take part in the investigation, and it’s planned that after the investigation ends, he will also continue to receive treatment with his family. Wheesung is very regretful and sorry that he is showing a poor image of himself, no matter the reason for it.

I hope it’s true that he’s getting treated for whatever issues he’s having now, though it’s difficult to be optimistic given the trajectory of things.


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