Yoochun is opening a new official fansite because of course he is

Noted piece of garbage Yoochun has constantly denied that he was making a comeback despite … well, making a comeback, and that continued recently with the announcement of a new official fansite.

“Park Yoochun’s official fan site, ‘BLUE CIELO,’ is scheduled to launch on April 20 at 6 p.m. KST. Please look forward to it with anticipation and love.” A Star News reporter contacted Park Yoochun’s representatives to get a statement. The representative, after Park Yoochun’s name was mentioned, stated, “I’m too busy right now to think” and hung up on the call.

I like to imagine his representation at this point just being his brother or some shit.

Of course, perhaps the best part is that the announcement came with this picture, as if he was just some innocent, bright oppar.


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