SKE48 management apologizes for Tsuzuki Rika’s tweet calling HKT48 ugly, also suspends her Instagram/Twitter

J-pop drama remains superior as has been proven recently by SKE48 member Tsuzaki Rika tweeting out from her Twitter account that HKT48 were full of ugly girls, essentially.

“Since when did HKT become full of ugly members?”

After the ensuing mess, which I assume is because she forgot to switch over to an alt, she then apologized for her post on Twitter.

Though that wasn’t enough as SKE48’s company, ZEST, posted a statement as well.

“It was discovered yesterday morning that our talent, SKE48 Tsuzuki Rika, slandered HKT48 on Twitter. After confirming the facts with her, she deeply regrets having made the tweet. We sincerely apologize for making the HKT48 members, the management and fans feel uncomfortable. We are truly sorry. Although this case is a serious act as a member of SKE48, it is the result of insufficient management and supervision of our company and we are deeply aware of its responsibility. We take this situation seriously and will make every effort to thoroughly educate our employees on the awareness of norms and to earn the trust of everyone as soon as possible. In addition, we will pay close attention to Tsuzuki Rika and will suspend her Twitter and Instagram accounts indefinitely. Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing a great deal of inconvenience to everyone.”

SKE48 manager Saito Makiko also apologized.

“I apologize to HKT48 related persons and HKT48 fans for inconvenience caused to HKT48 members this time. And, to the SKE48 fans who always keep supporting us, and worry thing going wrong, Thank you with all my heart for your strict voices. We SKE48 altogeter will be careful what we say on SNS once more, and try our best to deliver smile and encourage to you. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

J-pop drama is as high quality as always, I see. No ridiculous Pann blog posts from netizens about how somebody’s body language means *Insert Dissertation Here*, just members straight up hating on other groups out in the open. Amazing.


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