Kim Da Ryung (Dmost Entertainment) reportedly the now-ex CEO accused of sexually assaulting employee

A story about an agency CEO who sexually assaulted a female employee has been reported on recently, with the CEO being kept anonymous and many wondering who exactly it was.

According to a Newsis report on the 20th, the Gangnam Police Station handed over an entertainment agency CEO suspected of rape to the prosecution on January 29th after filing an indictment. The case is currently being investigated by the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office investigation department on crimes against women and children. CEO A is suspected of sexually assaulting a drunk former employee at an entertainment bar in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul on December 5th last year. He belatedly admitted to the charges after initially denying that “nothing happened” during police investigations. A is the head of a mid-size entertainment company that houses a number of actors and popular broadcasters. He made his debut as a singer in the 1990s and later moved to the management industry to become a successful figure. A recently stepped down from his post after it was revealed he was being investigated for the sexual assault charges. His photo and name has been deleted from the agency’s website.

Well, according to a recent exclusive report by Kyunghyang Shinmun, the agency CEO in question is Dmost Entertainment‘s now-former CEO Kim Da Ryung. He was a former member of a boy group named GQ and has been wiped from their site, so aside from the report, the pieces seem to fit as well.

If it’s true that he admitted fault, then he should get the brunt of the felony charge, but articles I’ve read covering this are already throwing out probation as possible if it’s a first offense, which gives you an idea of the way things might unfold.


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