Yoochun avoids punishment for not paying alleged victim, meets with mayor for … reasons

Yoochun has recently been in hot water not only for his drug mess but also for not paying damages to a woman who had accused him of sexual assault. The most recent update is that a court ruled he will not be punished.

Park on Wednesday attended his detention judgment trial by Uijeongbu District Court for allegedly failing to pay damages to one of the four women who had accused him of sexual assault. A detention judgment trial is held when the debtor does not attend an appointment for property elucidation or refuses to submit property list. In September last year, the Mediation Center of Seoul Court confirmed its order for Park to pay a compensation of 50 million won ($40,460) to the woman who had filed a damage suit. The court of Uijeongbu decided on Wednesday, there will be “no punishment” for Park, which typically means either the punishment is unjust or the debtor has fulfilled his duties until the trial date.

Hopefully it means he has taken care of his end of things and not the other option, which is that he’s avoided any semblance of justice yet again despite him not even caring enough this time to defend himself.

Oh right, but he got back into mess when he made headlines for meeting with a mayor of the city his case was heard in.

Park on Thursday issued an official explanation about his private appointment with Mayor Ahn Byung-yong of Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi Province, earlier that day, stating the meeting was a courtesy call. “Today’s meeting with the mayor was arranged thanks to the connection between the mayor and my longtime manager,” Park explained through his social media account on Thursday. “The mayor gave me words of encouragement and genuine advises on life. In addition, he told me to accept my past mistakes and to lead a life, volunteering for the society and working to help better the lives of socially disadvantaged people, with a sincerely regretful heart,” Park said.

I’d like to think that Yoochun and/or the mayor of the city his case was heard in would know how the optics of this would appear to anybody reading the news. But that’s also the benefit of the doubt I gave him when he did his drug press conference and he then immediately tested positive for drug use, so … yeah. These people aren’t even subtle.

Think it’s still most likely that he just indicated that he would pay to make this go away at some point, though. Requires the least amount of speculation.


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