Young Cream put some green in himself, but not to make mint desserts

Rapper Young Cream, who was formerly in M.I.B (“Most Incredible Busters” … do they have a monopoly on hilarious names?), was arrested recently for doing drugs (weed, specifically).

Though in a sorta mask-off moment of priorities, that’s all the headlines (including mine, to be fair, gotta get those jokes off) refer to when he was also being a creep and following a woman around.

On May 7, Channel A’s “News A” reported that Young Cream was booked on suspicions of violating the Narcotics Control Act and was questioned by the police. “News A” reports that Young Cream was arrested on April 29 after the police received a call from a woman who said she was being followed by a man she did not know. It’s described that the man had followed her from outside the elevators on the fourth basement level to the parking lot, and he kept talking incoherently as he did things such as ask where the exit was. He is described as then behaving unusually upstairs in a shopping center. A source from a real estate office said, “The first thing that made me feel something was off was that he said that he would buy a building. I’d maybe describe it as his mind was wandering.” They said he left a business card when he left. The police headed to the address listed on his business card, and they found him in an office about three minutes away. They suspected that he had taken drugs, and a basic drug test reportedly came back positive for marijuana. It’s reported that Young Cream told police during questioning, “I smoked marijuana because I was curious about it.” Channel A states that they were unable to get in contact with Young Cream or his agency. The outlet reports that the police plan to call Young Cream back in to question him on the details of how the marijuana was distributed.

Glad the woman is safe, but am I going to pretend I covered this for any other reason than to make that title? No.


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