TOP Media apologizes for video of MCND mouthing slurs during performance

Rookie boy group MCND had apparently come under fire recently for an old clip of them dancing to Lil Dicky‘s “Freaky Friday” featuring Chris Brown, including mouthing the lyrics that had a racial slur … like a lot.

I cannot believe the context of all this.

As somebody who replied to me said, it’s not funny but like … it kinda is hilarious in an unbelievable way.

TOP Media recently addressed the issue in English.

Not a perfect apology but I guess at least they acknowledged it. While I don’t think anybody is forced to forgive them or anything like that, I do think that they could’ve easily just swept it under the rug like every other company seems to do, and most people (like me) wouldn’t have even known this happened, so I do give them credit for at least that. That’s the standard we’re at now, sadly.

As usual, going forward it’s just up to the individual’s feelings. Some will move past it eventually if they keep out of mess, but some won’t, and that’s … fine?


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