22/7 management let Amaki Sally have a YouTube channel and it’s already good

22/7‘s management recently let Amaki Sally have her own YouTube channel, and it obviously has potential given that she went initially went viral for her streams and her character’s YouTube already had some gems.

On brand, 56 seconds into her debut video, she says, “All jokes aside, I just turned on the video because I’m lonely, I’m sad, I live alone, and I have nobody to talk to.” That’s how you launch an idol YouTube channel, baby!

First makeup vlog I’ve watched from start to end.

Meanwhile, the Japanese-language videos are subtitled in English and it’s just jarring to see the code switching. The first is Sally and Umino Ruri imitating how a Japanese-American and a native Japanese would do a job interview.

She had to know this was coming.

I believe this one was supposed to be the intro video, but it was posted third so whatever. Anyway, she calls up her friends and it’s funny as shit.


Most importantly, this is supposed to be a temporary thing during quarantine, but she already pledges to break the rules and continue uploading.



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