Berry Good’s Johyun stakes her claim to being the one true #KimchiSneakyBitch #SlyFox

While we’ve long joked on this site about the existence of a #SlyFox and a #KimchiSneakyBitch that originated from some GOAT comments (remember #H&MNotPrada?), Berry Good‘s Johyun just up and did it for real.

Johyun and Lovelyz‘s Mijoo were both on a recent broadcast of Video Star, on which comparisons of their figures were made. Johyun stated that she thought she had a better body, and after Mijoo showed off, Johyun said, “Mijoo has a pretty figure, but she’s like a chopstick. I filmed a lingerie CF recently.

Netizens are mad as hell at this, and it’s easy to understand why, but it’s also hilarious in how forward and unnecessary her comments were.

Well, she didn’t lie about the lingerie CF at least.


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