Grimes says LOONA’s Gowon is the godmother of X Æ A-Xii, because it’s 2020 so sure why not?

Grimes told a fan on Instagram yesterday that LOONA member Gowon is the godmother of X Æ A-12, her baby with Elon Musk.

Yes, it’s real.

Welp … guess she really is a fan of LOONA. Impact of her Love4eva feature, I guess.

Here’s the thing, I assume she’s joking, but: 1) I cannot rule out that she actually did this given that her child’s name is Æ A-Xii and 2) even if she is joking, how the fuck is this real life?

The simulation is glitching and this is the darkest timeline and all that.

Bonus, if you ever wondered where that GIF you’ve probably used was from, well.


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