Self-aware king Rain revamps image by taking mocking of “Gang” in stride

In bits and pieces, some international fans have caught hold of Rain becoming a meme in Korea recently largely thanks to his 2017 release “Gang“, but DKDKTV recently put out an explainer and it really covers some of the highlights.

The kind of “hate comments” on this are actually good because they’re not like disturbing but mainly just cracking jokes.

“Oppa, stop doing what you want,” wrote another YouTube user, who took on the name Kim Tae-hee, the famous Korean actor and Rain’s wife. The comment received over 10,000 likes.

The video honestly kinda undersells some of the self-deprecation in his appearance on How Do You Play with Yoo Jae Suk.

“I’m very disappointed. Why do one ‘Gang’ a day? It should be at least three ‘Gang’ a day,” Rain said Saturday on the show, exhibiting self-deprecating humor. “One ‘Gang’ after breakfast, one ‘Gang’ after lunch and one ‘Gang’ after dinner.”

Also, he performed a special version of the song on the show.

DKDKTV also committed some kind of crime by not linking that original video.


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