YG may be reinvestigated by Seoul Prosecutor’s Office on the charge of interference in B.I’s drug case

YG has been accused of using threats against a witness to cover up B.I.‘s involvement in drugs, but now the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing the investigation by the Suwon Prosecutor’s Office, essentially because they may have messed it up. There has been suspicion of corruption and shoddy investigation, so they will pick up the stalled investigation and also look into allegations of whistleblower outing.

According to sources from legal circles on the 26th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office received police investigation records of Yang Hyun Suk and B.I from the Suwon District Prosecutors’ office earlier this month. The Seoul Prosecutor’s office is reportedly considering whether a reinforcement investigation is necessary despite 8 months of investigations into Yang and others by the Gyeonggi Southern District Office. This is reportedly due to controversy over the Suwon Office’s botched investigations. The Central District Prosecutors’ Office is also planning to dispose of the charges against journalists accused of reporting the real name and home address of the whistleblower. In August last year, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission filed a complaint with the prosecution against MBC and Idaily reporters on charges of violating the law protecting whistleblowers.

Yeah, regardless of what you think about the whistleblower in this case, it’s not hard to see how outing them could be problematic in the future.

As far as the investigation goes … well, it’s hard to be surprised. The netizens have been right in that from the start it has appeared at least incompetent and maybe potentially corrupt. This seems like an effort to address that feeling, though one does have to wonder if it’s more show than substance at this point.

So yeah, even if police have found the charges partially true already, I’m going to stick with assuming that since there’s not gonna be any direct paper trail, it’s hard to expect much to come of this.


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