BLACKPINK & Lady Gaga drop “Sour Candy” collab and now I too would like to get the Rose solo

The much-anticipated collab “Sour Candy” with BLACKPINK off Lady Gaga‘s Chromatica album has finally dropped, and while I enjoyed the release, I did feel like I should’ve loved it.

I was pleasantly surprised by BLACKPINK’s expansive role on this. Not that Lady Gaga would need to gratuitously include a group in her album, but many collabs disappoint because they don’t end up feeling like collabs, so it was nice to hear BLACKPINK all over this.

As for “Sour Candy” itself, I thought it was a solid house-centered release that hits a club niche, but also that it felt like a missed opportunity because instead of ramping up to the chorus it deserved, it was saddled with a bite that lacked a bit of flavor. I think this could’ve also been mitigated if the song had been at least 30-40 seconds longer where they could’ve ended it on a strong run or something.

That said, I will echo the hype around Rose‘s parts, as she nailed it and only makes me understand the calls for her solo more and more. When is that happening? Good question.


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