[Update] DIA will return with ‘Flower 4 Seasons’ but without Chaeyeon & Somyi

After what seems like an eternity away, DIA is coming back with a Flower 4 Seasons album. They’ve been releasing teaser pictures for the comeback, which is standard stuff, but today they got to the group photos and … uh, not only is Somyi missing (which may have been expected) but so is Chaeyeon.

Just moments ago, it was confirmed that DIA would return with just five members

Given that DIA at times has seemed almost entirely focused on promoting Chaeyeon, it’s hard to see this as anything but devastating, and despite the comeback it’s now a bit hard to see the point.

Well, MBK Entertainment‘s track record remains flawless … in a way.


MBKE confirms a comeback as five, but as a “unit”.


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