JYPE makes statement on plagiarism of art piece from “More & More” MV

In response to reality a claim made by Davis McCarty that his piece was replicated for TWICE’s “More & More” MV without his consent, JYP Entertainment released a statement.

On June 3, JYP Entertainment released the statement, “This morning, we became aware that one of the set pieces in the ‘MORE & MORE’ music video shows resemblance to an existing piece of artwork. We have contacted the music video production company and requested that they speak with the creator of the original artwork to resolve this situation.” They continued to add, “As the agency responsible for releasing the works of our artists, we vow to strengthen our verification process so that this does not happen again.”

McCarty has since deleted his post, though I’m guessing that was due to harassment or JYPE getting in contact or both.

Recently, Davis McCarty took to his Facebook account to share a photo of an art installation shaped like an archway that he had set up in 2018, and drew comparisons with a set piece seen in the “MORE & MORE” music video that was released on June 1, calling it an act of copyright infringement. He has since deleted his post.

As you know, I’m not a big fan of everybody claiming copyright for any dumb thing cause fans/antis can tend to get loose with it, but this was absolutely undeniable.

I mean, it is cool, though.


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